We’re about to undertake one of our most ambitious projects at Lexer:
To welcome 50 new Lexis in the next 50 weeks.

Standing at the starting line of this marathon task, I can safely say I’m more excited than terrified 😬.

Sure, the risks are real:
Hiring the wrong people or the wrong role can cost time, cash, and reputation. Letting a**holes sneak through can disrupt the great culture we have today. And, not closely managing onboarding and culture can lead to a dilution of our values and virtues, and so on.

These are legitimate concerns, but the opportunity to…

For the past while, Lexer has had to ship a lot with a small development team — always trying to accomplish a considerable amount with a small number of skilled craftspeople.

A “forever” challenge has been our broad product base that stretches our resources very thin.

Lots of integrations, lots of products, each with a dizzying depth of complexity — it’s a great challenge for most, yet, the stresses of prioritising our attention across many different areas, in an increasingly competitive market, with growing customer demand, never seem to subside.

Meanwhile, I recently considered our family budget and was reminded…

Emma, Tom and I showing off our new Values posters back in 2019

November 1st, 2020 marks Lexer’s 10 year anniversary. That’s 10 years of innovation, 10 years of working and laughing alongside friends and family, and 10 years of chasing our passions and solving problems with technology. Thank you and big love to everyone who’s worked with us along the way, and stay tuned for the next steps in our journey!

I’m so proud to see how far Lexer has come.

I distinctly remember Lexer’s amazing launching-off point: Presenting a prototype to our first customer, Westfield.

They took a leap of faith with us and decided to trust in a young business with a young idea. That belief in innovation is where we started, and it’s what has kept us going ever since.

At that point, Lexer was a simple social media monitoring tool, but it’s since evolved into a robust Customer Data Platform with tools to empower every team to genuinely understand customers and engage them with the experiences they…

I’ve always considered Lexer a family company.
(even though up until just recently, we’ve never actually had any true ~blood ~ family in the team).

If you’ve worked with me, you’d know I’m one of those people who form very tight bonds with those around me and really invest in their journey.

Sometimes it’s a curse, but it’s always worth the effort.
(Plus I don’t know any other way).

At Lexer, the role of Office Manager has been a notoriously tricky role to place. …

This week we launched a new set of company values.
Definitely not a task we undertook lightly — we last updated our values over 4 years ago!

Reflecting on the business, it’s surprising how constant our brand personality and quirks have remained; even though the market, our products and services have dramatically changed.

For us, this was an opportunity to review the qualities that we choose to prioritise in the business. …

A beautiful little thing happened this week at Lexer.

A colleague’s Mum made the simplest mistake — a typo resulted in an all-staff email of a primary school picture containing a very young Chief Revenue Officer.

Lots of laughs and “awwws” aside; it was the start of a rather fun afternoon of the team digging up and posting their childhood photos to Slack.

Who doesn’t love a collage of baby cheeks

We now have a channel filled with “#little-lexis.”

It was one of those moments where you realise the right kind of people surround you.

In recent conversations with teams at Lexer, I drew upon an analogy on war and peace, and the team’s performance approach.
I’d thought I’d share it with you.

Photo by Camille / Kmile on Unsplash

Businesses operate as if at war, or at peace.

Ben Horowitz, in his book “The Hard Thing About Hard Things”, talks about the two states as an operational style of the CEO, but I’ve noticed it happening at many other layers.

The idea is a representation of focus and risk.
A business at war is one who is fragile. Who, through inaction or indecision, could lose everything. Time and resource is always running…

As another year comes to an end, I find myself oozing with nostalgia and optimism.

Although 2017 was a brutal year for my family, Lexer, and I; I have ended where I wanted to be…. but, geeezzzz, the journey could have been easier (let alone shorter).

Reflecting, I asked myself three simple questions:

What am I most proud of in 2017?

Doubling the size of Lexer was a wild ride, and along the way we had to alter our operational model to maintain team autonomy, structure, and our high output cadence.

After much research, we decided to craft a solution that we called P.R.I.C.E (Problem, Revenue, Impact, Confidence…

Dear Australia,

It’s mid-October, and we find ourselves halfway through the Australian Same-Sex Marriage Survey.
And, although the polls are showing a skew towards ‘Yes’, the outcome feels as distant and uncertain as ever.

Yet today, Corey and I are celebrating our 9th Wedding Anniversary.

Together we are celebrating our love, life, and reflect on the support and recognition of from our families, friends, and colleagues.

Thanks to your support, we live our lives in the public eye without abuse or exclusion and have never felt anything but equal — Unlike so many who have been brave enough to stand…

Aaron Wallis

Founder of @camplexer. An out & proud Geek in love with food, colour, progress and @coreytsd.

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